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Every student is unique. Our services, programs, and support structures are built with intentional breadth and depth, designed to support our changing student population. Our work is based on research and assessment, allowing us agility to listen and respond to our students’ needs. Through our departments, we provide strategic support and success tracking for specific populations.



Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs (APIA) promotes a more critical understanding of APIA issues and identity while advocating for the needs of APIA community, by focusing on leadership development and educational dialogue.

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Black Affairs creates, sustains, and promotes Black scholarship, culture, history, and leadership. They coordinate an array of educational, cultural, and social programs focused on the Black experience at the University of Florida, the United States, and across the African diaspora.

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As a Veteran Friendly Campus it is important to provide a place for student veterans where veterans can meet, study and spend time in a safe and relaxing environment.  Ranked number five for veterans by U.S.A today, the veteran’s success center looks to provide ongoing support for those who have served in our armed forces. 

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Acting as a resource for students with physical, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities, the Disability Resource Center helps to provide a support system and empower students to achieve their dreams.  By creating opportunities to educate the campus community, the Disability Resource Center helps make the University of Florida an inclusive environment for all who attend.

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First Generation Student Success connects first-generation students to UF faculty and staff who were also first in their families to attend college. The office supports all first-generation students.

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Hispanic-Latino Affairs advocates on behalf of Hispanic Latina/o populations and offers support to the University of Florida and the Gainesville community through various programs, resources, and networking opportunities in order to help facilitate cultural awareness, social justice, and empowerment.

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Through student-centered programming, outreach, community building and advocacy, LGBT Affairs is committed to creating a safe and developmentally supportive and affirming campus-community for students, staff, faculty, and alumni of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.

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